1. Scrap Mettle

  2. Invisible Jordans "Tres Locos EP"

  3. Unreleased - The Nostalgic Tape

  4. Prelude to Scrap Mettle

  5. Prelude To Scrap Mettle 2

  6. Black Tape II:Hardbody Initiative


  8. Blood on My Blade

  9. Very Last Pound Cake

  10. Smoke & Mirrors (Closet Gay Rappers)

  11. Obama (Syria Bully) ft. Fabian 'Bugati' Bonaparte

  12. Apologies to Desahwn prod by. Samon Kawamura

  13. Imaginary Player Ft. Columbo Black & F. Bonaparte

  14. Invisible Jordans Sampler (from Threesome Album)

  15. In The Ghetto

  16. Thin Line Between Lugz and Hate

  17. Tookie Williams Freestyle prod. by The Expert

  18. Invisible Jordans "Threedom"

  19. Sound of my own Voice (Invisible Jordans)

  20. Swimming Pools Freestyle (Man Laws)

  21. Spaceships ft. Fabian Bonaparte (Invisible Jordans)

  22. The Hangover prod. by Charlie Mac

  23. This Beat Makes Me.....

  24. Caesar prod. by The Dramatics

  25. Sexually Explicit Interlude (By your Spine)

  26. Floss on my Fans ft. Fabian Bonaparte

  27. Reality Show Hose

  28. Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe prod. by Ortega

  29. Fingerlickin' Ft. Fabian Bonaparte

  30. The Dictionary is his B****H

  31. Man Law Documentary Intro

  32. Don't Cyberthug on Twitter ft. Fabian Bonaparte

  33. Stevie J ft. Fabian Bonaparte

  34. 401K (Unsung Agenda)

  35. Canibus vs. Dizaster (Tears of a Fan)

  36. Canibus vs. Dizaster (play by play) Pt.1

  37. Donald Goines

  38. I Don't Do Rachet Music

  39. ON ME

  40. North Star (1994)

  41. F***ing Awesome (No More Beef) ft. Fabian Bonaparte

  42. Loss of Momentum prod. by Freshvilla

  43. Yeah! prod. by Scruffnuk Dust


  45. Canibus Forever

  46. Wu-Tang Medley

  47. Naked When You Come

  48. Prelude to Scrap Mettle IV: The Fall of Canibus

  49. Rhyme Dictionary (Love Genre) prod. by Illiad

  50. Cheo's Prayer

  51. Westcoasting (What's the Difference)

  52. Computer Love 2012 (West Coastin)

  53. Lugz-ury (A Love Song)

  54. For Her (Cherry Lipstick) prod. by FelPrezidente

  55. I Don't Care (Arrest Wack Rappers) ft. Columbo Black and Bugati

  56. Ni**as in France ft. Bugati Bonaparte

  57. The Segregation of Pawns prod. by Serious Beats

  58. Fabian Bonaparte - Everyday is Christmas

  59. THE GRINCH SNITCHED ON SANTA prod. by Brock Berrigan

  60. BMW 750i Agenda ft. Fabian "Bugati" Bonaparte prod. by Purpose

  61. Tim Tebow (TygaWiz)

  62. TRUE LIES - "Children Cry (Daddy Didn't Pay)" prod. by Ryan Deshawn

  63. Candy by True Lies

  64. Whoever You Are ft. Ryan Deshawn a.k.a Ace (UNTD KNGDM)

  65. Ivan Van Sertima (R.I.P.)

  66. BT2 Promo Acapella

  67. When the Smoke Clears ft. Columbo Black, Ryan Deshawn & True Lies prod. by Apollo Brown

  68. Neva Have to Worry ft. Perfecto

  69. Columbo Black - Short Stories

  70. Chronic Roach (Mayweather)

  71. Overlythuggin - Fabian Bonaparte (from the "Compton's Greatest" Mixtape)

  72. 300 +


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